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Discover the latest range of world-class UPVC windows from Saint-Gobain, that combines European technology with unparalleled performance. Backed by Saint-Gobain’s best-in-class glass technology, these windows are designed to offer clear views and last a lifetime. They not only allows you to connect to the outside, but also protect you from noise, dust, heat, cold and rain. Saint-Gobain windows are sleek, sophisticated and available in numerous customizable options. Manufactured with precision and installed by experts, Saint-Gobain is all set to deliver state-of-the-art window solutions in India.


(UPVC windows with Acoustic glasses provide great sound insulation from outside noise.)
Noise pollution can have a severe impact on our physical and mental well-being. Therefore it is essential to reduce unwanted noise from outside to ensure better concentration, reduce stress and enable good sleep. One can easily reduce the incoming noise by installing the Elite or Royal range of Saint-Gobain windows. These windows are offered with High Acoustic or Super Acoustic glass. The windows are further sealed with EPDM rubber gaskets to create an airtight window frame. They provide good sound insulation and significantly improve the internal environment. Saint-Gobain Royal range of windows can help improve your well-being, especially if your home is near a school, hospital, airport or on a busy road.

Double glazing (also known as insulated glazing) comprises two panes of glass with a gap between them, and includes an inert gas like argon; the thickness of the window panes range between 24 and 28 mm. The inert gas creates an air pocket between the panes of glass to forms an acoustic barrier between the indoors and the outdoors. The windows are further sealed with silicon sealants and rubber gaskets to create an airtight window frame.

(Energy-efficient windows can cut down heat transmission into the room and generate electricity savings.)

Manufactured to precision, energy- efficient windows by Saint-Gobain can dramatically improve the energy-efficiency of the home and cut the heat transmission by 50% over market windows. Since UPVC is a poor conductor of heat, it reduces the temperature transfer from the indoors to the outdoors. All ranges of Saint-Gobain windows offer energy savings and cooling. The Premier range of windows have specially coated HiCool glass offering a high degree of cooling. The Elite and Royal range of windows steps it up a notch by offering additional layers of glass with air gaps with SuperCool glass.

(With thousands of design options, Saint-Gobain is the one-stop solution for windows in India.)
Saint-Gobain is all set to offer the highest level of quality and security by providing aesthetic solutions for windows in India. The ultra modern windows integrate premium quality raw materials, advanced European technology and precision manufacturing under a single roof. Every window is made to order as per the exact measurements evaluated by Saint-Gobain at your site. For the first time in India, Saint-Gobain brings glass, profile and window manufacturing under 1one roof.

(The window openings are measured and installed by Trained and Certified Installers.)
Saint-Gobain provides end-to-end window solutions spanning a wide array of window designs. for numerous window designs. The scope of work includes manufacturing, delivery, final installation and after-sales service. During the process of manufacturing, digital tools are integrated with the software to ensure right measurements and minimise errors. Saint-Gobain has launched India’s first automated cutting and machining centre that cuts, machines and screws steel with the profiles. With a continuous drive for innovation, the brand has introduced a revolutionary profile joining technology called seamless zip-welding in India. The weld joints are 20% stronger than traditional welding joints and the seamless zip wedding does not show any profile joints. Therefore, the end-to-end digital process ensures defect-free fabrication, coupled with zero installation errors.

(The multi-chambered UPVC profiles are reinforced with SG WinSteel reinforcement which is multiple times superior against rusting.)

The frames of UPVC windows are made with uPVC or unplasticised polyvinyl chloride profiles which are lightweight and extremely durable. The UPVC profiles include multi-chambered air-sections which are internally reinforced with SG WinSteel reinforcement which offers significantly better resistance against rusting than conventional galvanised steel.

The uPVC windows by Saint-Gobain are lead-free and highly resistant to external weather elements like wind, rain and rust. These windows are easy to maintain because they are termite-resistant, prevent the growth of mould and the profiles are manufactured with exceptionally low chalk content which makes them brittle-free. During the manufacturing process, 8 parts of titanium-dioxide are added to the UPVC profiles. Titanium Dioxideis a non-yellowing agent which prevents the UPVC windows from discolouration due to continuous exposure to direct sunlight or harsh UV rays.

(UPVC windows are meticulously sealed with gaskets and sealants to create a watertight window frame.)

The UPVC windows are designed as watertight windows which resist heavy rainfall under wind pressure. Note that when rain combines with strong winds, it functions as a fluid under high pressure which tries to penetrate into the building through wall cracks, the roof or from minute gaps between the window frames and walls. Therefore, it is essential to fix all the cracks and install watertight windows to prevent rain penetration.
A siliconised brush seal with a central plastic fin is used for sliding windows to prevent air and water leakage. In casement windows, a large rubber gasket with a thickness of 5 mm is compressed and installed to create perfectly sealed frame. A recent innovation is the installation of co-extruded gaskets which are zip-welded like profiles to ensure that there are no gaps in the corners of the window due to shrinkage.

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