High Pressure Laminate Cladding

In commercial properties, High-Pressure Cladding (known as HPL cladding) are used for exterior and interior surfacing purposes. They are manufactured by layering wooden sheets or paper fiber with a resin and are bonded under heat and pressure. Sometimes they include additional chemicals for providing fire retardant properties and are available in large variety of colors and finishes.



There are certain features of HPL Cladding that attracts you towards its use and they are as follows:

HPL Cladding promises remarkable durability if used as exterior cladding. Durability is of paramount importance in office spaces, and therefore here HPL cladding is an ideal surfacing material. HPL cladding has a minimum lifespan of 5-15 years. Because of the features durability and long lifespan, HPL cladding is perfect choice for commercial buildings and malls.

Hassle-free maintenance is offered by HPL cladding, as they are very easy to clean. HPL cladding can be easily wiped using a damp cloth or sponge. Any kind of food stains are also cleaned very easily. HPL cladding are low maintenance and easy to clean choice for office spaces.

Another factor that is also considered as the best feature is HPL cladding is that, they are very easy to install. Can be installed easily in both interior and exterior spaces. They save money and time. HPL is be fixed with rivets.

HPL cladding when used in interiors, proves as a savior in case of emergency. It is environment friendly also as they do not release any kind of toxic gases. HPL cladding are fire resistant, as they do not catch fire easily. This is reason why they are proved as an ideal option for your office space.

Properties of HPL cladding has made it a best choice for interior designers and architects when it comes to office spaces. Select from our wide range and make your exterior and interior just the way you want.

We provide you with the products that are most durable and diverse in both interior and exterior sections for office space. We give you flexible, sensuous and stylish look for your office spaces. Enhance your outlook with our range and create a magnificent look for your office space.

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